Property Criteria

Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Residential Real Estate Assets on no less than 1,000 m2;

  • Residential Property that can be sub-divided into 2 or more lots;

  • Property that has the potential for manufactured growth;

  • Property that has potential for adding value;

  • Properties targeted are in the 5-20km distance range from Perth CBD;

  • Vacant land zoned residential;

  • Properties considered will be under Fair Market Value (FMV).

**N.B.  Properties over FMV are only considered when one or more of the following compensating factors apply:

  1. Property has potential for adding value
  2. Possibility for a higher and better use of property
  3. Feasibility shows profit after costs is no less than 25%
  4. Days on market are under suburb average
  5. Minimum time for Development Application (DA) Approval is required to obtain desired outcome

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